Semiconductor Wafer Cutting Blades

Keteca Diamablade



In today’s technology, the standard diamond dicing blade in the market uses nickel to bind the diamond in place.

Keteca’s patented technology has proven to improve blade life and blade quality. By adding Single Crystal Silicon Carbide Whisker (SiCw) to the nickel diamond plating process, the whisker reinforces the nickel alloy matrix holding the diamond in place. This increases the tensile and bend strength, thereby improving the strength of the blade allowing a better cut quality and wear rate.


Distinctive Qualities of Keteca Diamablade™


  • Stronger Blade
  • Extended Wear Rate
  • Better Cut Quality
  • Improved Kerf Width
  • Lesser Chipping
  • Improved Diamond Exposure resulting in lesser dressing of blade 
Diamablade 3