Keteca USA Inc.

Established in 1990, Keteca USA Inc. grew rapidly to become a trusted world-class developer, manufacturer and distributor of equipment and consumables for the semiconductor industry. In particular, Keteca USA has demonstrated a forte for developing class-leading proprietary products.  Through the years, our commitment to service and continual product innovation have won us an increasing slate of global customers and propelled us to spread our operations further afield.  Today we serve customers around the world delivering world class products and custom solutions.


  More than a manufacturer, we are a global, high technology company with ISO-certified cutting-edge R&D facilities that enable us to manufacture groundbreaking products such as Keteca Diamaflow™, the world’s leading brand of dicing solutions and surfactants, and Keteca Diamablade™, a technological breakthrough featuring superior blade performance.  


  Our service excellence matches our commitment to product excellence. To provide our customers with the service support they deserve, we are strategically located where our customers are. For this reason, we are based in nine key territories: Singapore, the United States, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Japan and Korea.  All our overseas offices in these territories include a team of sales and service engineers so as to provide our customers with local sales and technical support. With this network of local offices, we are able to respond immediately to our customers’ queries and needs, including providing technical support. 


  Another mark of our excellence in service is our ability to provide complete solutions for our customers. We have earned a firm reputation in the industry for delivering on clients’ requirements, whether for materials, equipment, product development or engineering solutions.   


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