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The KETECA USA, Automatic Dispensing System 6 – Advanced (ADS6-ADV) is designed for the semiconductor and electronics industry. The ADS system is designed to dispense surfactant into DI cutting water streams while being monitored, controlled and recorded.  Users program the ADS6-ADV to control pump dilution ratios or concentration settings through a touch screen interface. Process data and dilutions/concentrations are monitored and stored for process traceability.  Six saws may be independently controlled with the ADS6-ADV system. Plumbing connections consist of 1/2” female NPT fittings for both input and output solutions. The electrical requirements for this system are 110 or 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, single phase.


The ADS6-ADV model contains the following primary features:


Touch screen interface

PLC system controls

PLC bypass circuitry

Remote access router

Inline static mixers

Leak detection sensors

Ergonomic manual fill port

Auto-fill valve/port (Optional)

Cutting water line valves (optional)

Removable reservoir

High and low level reservoir sensors

1/2” NPT cabinet drain

Locking cabinet doors

Tower light

1” Casters and ratchet stabilization feet

1/2” Female NPT inlet and outlets

Emergency off switch

Network communication

Control and data retention software

All ADS-ADV systems are equipped with a semi-clear removable tank

ADS Systems 3

Operational Specifications:

Maximum DI flow rate:   19.9 liters per minute

Minimum DI flow rate:    3.5 liters per minute*

Maximum Dilution (Concentration):    16000:1 (62.5 ppm) *

Minimum Dilution (Concentration):     500:1 (2000 ppm)


Power:  115 VAC grounded single phase or 230 VAC grounded singlephase*

Water:  Filtered Deionized Preferred 100° F maximum (38° C), 105 psi maximum (723 Kilopascal)

De-ionized Water Inlet:  1/2” Female NPT connector Solution Outlet:  1/2” Female NPT connector

*Voltage requirements are configured at the factory, if input voltage change is required please contact your local Keteca representative.


Length:  31.5 inches (800mm)

Width:  16.25 inches (412mm)

Height:  63.75 inches (1619.25mm to top of cabinet)

Weight:  265 pounds (159kg)

Reservoir Working Capacity:  15 gallons (56.7 liters)